Farm Passport

The Farm Passport is your guide to discover Georgia, support local farms and experience fresh food. Grab your passport and let it guide you across the state to see the diversity of agriculture Georgia offers. 

The Farm Passport features over 90 farms included in Georgia Farm Bureau’s Certified Farm Markets program, which was created to help people discover where their food comes from, meet the farm families who grew the food, and create lasting memories with loved ones as they travel the state.

Farm Passports can be picked up at any of the participating farms or local Farm Bureau offices. You can also download the Passport here and print at home. 


Find a Farm

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Thank a Farm

For farms you especially enjoyed visiting, let them know by thanking them with a special farm themed thank you card. To order a box set, visit


Hear stories from others who have used the Passport to make memories.

Recommended Routes

Check out some of the routes we have prepared that will guide you across the state.


Supporting Locally Grown Products


About the Farm Passport

How it works:

As you visit participating farms, ask the farmer to stamp your passport. The more stamps you receive, the more prizes you will earn! Keep in mind farmers are at the mercy of the weather.  Be sure to call or check the farm website/social media before visiting to make sure the farm is open.  Passports can be picked up at county Farm Bureau offices or at a Certified Farm Market.


Earn Prizes: 

  • 5 stamps -Limited Edition T-shirt
  • 10 stamps – T-shirt + Awesome Ag Swag (Sunglasses, Car Magnet & Pen Highlighter Combo)
  • 20 stamps -Full access pass farm tour with Farm to Table meal in spring of 2025 + All of the above
  • 30 stamps- Your choice of farm goods  (tri pack of our favorite seasoning blends, spa kit or a collection of sweet treats)
  • The Person/Family  with the most stamps will get a RTIC cooler and an ice cream farm date with a farmer, GFB President Tom McCall and Program Coordinator Kelly Henry. 


  1. Passports must be stamped between March 2024 – December 31, 2024.
  2. You MUST be present to get stamp; only one stamp per farm. 
  3. We strongly encourage a farm purchase at each farm as the farms must pay to be in this program. 
  4. NEW: Fill in your info on the passport page 7 and on to receive prizes. 
  5. Deadline to submit Passport is January 3, 2025. Don’t worry, we’ll return it to you with your prizes. 


  • Georgia Farm Bureau has crafted some routes with fun stops crafted to maximize your farm visits and discovery of the state - Recommended Routes
  • When reading the maps, note the bold, white lines are interstate highways and the red lines are either U.S. highways (shields) or state highways (circles).
  • See the chart in back for expected months open of each farm
  • Look at the big map on the very 1st page of Passport before starting any road trip to see which farms are in the direction you are going. 

  • Review the “Icon Legends” from time to time to recognize when a farm is cash only, has special events/activities you should look up the date for or offers educational classes you can ask about. 

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • As you visit, share your journey with #farmpassport #gafarmbureau
  • The description of each farm is based off the primary things they grow. They have more to offer than what is listed.
  • Email for questions
  • There will be opportunities to win additional prizes and personalized farm tours. Follow Georgia Farm Bureau on social media to stay in the loop.
  • If you would like to receive quarterly emails of what is in season, farm events and recipes, email
  • All Georgia Farm Bureau members receive one extra stamp credit for being members. Not a member? Join today!

How to Claim Your Prizes: 


  • First submit your passport information on Submission then mail in your passport by Jan. 3rd 
  • Prizes can be picked up on Special Farm Prize Pick Up Days or mailed directly to your home for $8 per person. 

Mail in your passport by Jan. 3rd, and we will return it to you with your prizes!

GFB Certified Farm Markets
P.O. Box 7068
Macon, GA 31209-7068




A letter from the coordinator:

The Farm Passport helps you discover more of Georgia than you ever have before, support our Georgia farmers and buy food directly from the source. The farms you visit will all be different in what they grow or offer, but the same in that they welcome you to experience what they do. 


Here is your adventure list:

  • Eat fruit you picked straight from the vine or tree
  • Shake the hand of a farmer
  • Enjoy farm churned ice cream 
  • Travel an unpaved road
  • Walk between rows of vegetables
  • Pet a farm animal
  • Use your Farm Bureau membership for discounts as you travel 
  • Plant a seed 
  • Go on a wagon ride
  • Purposely learn 3 new things

Are you ready for a good time? #FarmPassport


Kelly Henry
Certified Farm Market Coordinator